Strong brands need distinctive design. Strengthen and promote your brand image with high-class, CI-compliant nameplates from DT metronic, whereby the sky is the limit for your design and ideas.


No matter for which application your nameplate is needed, we will professionally inspire and advise you throughout all phases of the project.

arrow Electroforming Nameplates


arrow Its ability to produce exacting details makes it the number one choice for those demanding precision, creative freedom and brand consistency.


Nickel Electroforming allows vertical, horizontal, diagonal and radial cutting, brushing and other textures as well as highly polished, satin or sandblasted gold, chrome and other precious metal surfaces with exacting three dimensional graphics.


Also available are reflective and faceted, raised or recessed holographic surfaces desired by many industrial and graphic designers. Many of these brand enhancing finishes can be achieved with crowned or radial surfaces to fit nearly all desired applications.


Graphics in the various finishes can be raised or recessed. Paint finishing techniques such as spraying, silk screening and paint filling are available. Resin top coats are also an option for a jeweled lens appearance.


The Nickel Electroforming Process lends itself to applications raging from automotive, consumer or industrial products, package designs and other consumer goods.

arrow Electroforming Inlets


arrow Inlets are precise open metal letters, numerals and graphics, 30 microns thin, produced by the electroforming process.


These precision application graphics can be produced with polished, satin, brushed gold or chrome-type finishes, giving your brand and product a magnificent metallic appearance.


Inlets are commonly applied to wood finishes from their carrier sheets prior to a clear coat application. When applying Inlets to other substrates, without clear coating, it is recommended that there be a slight recess in the substrate where the Inlet will be applied.


DT metronic's Electroforming Inlets can be attached to desired surfaces by using either pressure sensitive or hot melt adhesives. Formats are available in either kiss-cut or tracker feed layouts.

arrow Zinc/Aluminum die casted Nameplates


arrow Die casting is an industrial casting process for series production of machine elements. As a general rule, metal materials with a low melting point, such as aluminum and zinc, are used. Die casting is particularly suitable for large-scale production, as the relatively high initial investment for the production of a casting die is then quickly amortized. The specific benefits of this process are:


arrow High Shape Stability

arrow Smooth, Clean Surfaces & Edges

arrow Low material thickness & small tolerances are possible

arrow Other materials (such as sleeves, bolts and pins) can be cast at the same time without any problem

arrow Aluminum Extruded Nameplates


arrow Aluminum extruded Nameplates are the main choice as nameplate in the automotive sound market. But the technology could be used for other applications as well. Nearly every surface finish could be realized with this process such as sand – blasting, brushing, diamond cutting, painting, anodizing and more. Extruded nameplates are not only flat but could also have a shape to fit in a sound grill or other uneven application area. A big advantage of extruded aluminum nameplates is the fixture with bendable pins instead of adhesive tape.

arrow Plastic injected Nameplates


arrow With injection molding, molten plastic is injected into a mold cavity. The tooling determines the shape and the surface structure of the finished part. With injection molding, logos and labels can be produced with high precision in high quantities. Double Characteristic for this process are:


arrow Molding is performed in just one process step -> from the raw material directly to the finished part

arrow Plastics with varying material properties are available (weather-resistant and chemical-resistant Minimum finishing required)

arrow Plastics with varying material properties are available (weather-resistant and chemical-resistant, hard and stable or soft and elastic) and can thus fulfill all requirements

arrow Resistant, hard and stable or soft and elastic) and can thus fulfill all requirements

arrow Aluminum/Brass embossed Nameplates


arrow Aluminum and Brass embossed Nameplates offer plenty of variations on your individual design. Logos could be simply printed, made with PU lens or embossed to get a 3 dimensional design. Surface finishes like brushing, diamond cutting, chrome plating, anodizing, etching and more are available.


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